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How does this work? A basic run-down of what to expect when you invest in documentary style photography with FourFootPhotography:

Make The Call - Portrait photography is a subjective art. Do not hire a photographer whose work you haven't seen, even when given a personal recommendation. Find someone you are comfortable with, whose images speak to you and you will be thrilled with the results. Might I suggest FourFootPhotography

The Expectations -  Plan 15 - 30 minutes for a pre-shoot consultation, either in person or on the telephone. Expect questions about your pet(s) and/or kids, their behavior and personality, your style and preferences, contact information. Together we will pick a location and set a date - now it is getting exciting! Session fee is due at this time.

The Day  - Good Lord willin' and the stars align, We Will Win Workable Weather in Western Washington! If that is not the case, I prefer rescheduling to disappointment. Please allow 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours for the session - the time required varies on the pet and the situation, but everything goes much more smoothly if there is no rush. You are as integral to the session as you are to your pet, so please plan ahead for the possibility you will be in a few of the shots: casual, comfortable clothing in solid colors photographs well. Try to avoid trendy styles and logos to ensure your photos will have a timeless quality. If your pet is a rockstar off leash, terrific! If not, we will use a long line and "erase" it in post production. No worries, this is going to be fun!

The Wait - I will carefully select the best images to enhance for viewing, and you can expect proofs in a private online gallery or a personal showing within 2 weeks. You will have 2 weeks in which to order (but you don't have to wait that long!). We will go through the options together, either in person or on the phone. If you have a product in mind and do not see it on the pricing sheet, ASK! I will absolutely make it available to you. 1/2 the total is due upon ordering. I will do final editing on the photos you select, and then depending on your choices, you can expect to receive your order in 2 - 3 weeks.

The After - Like your pictures? Please tell someone! Better yet, show them..I so appreciate the opportunity to meet you, play with your kids and document their sweet lives.